I will continue to promote the Academy because of the organization, structure, development and the culture I see your staff creating.  Westlake kids have a head start on many of our rivals.  Thanks for all you do. 

- Brian Vasek, Defensive Line Coach Westlake High School

During my 45 year coaching career, I have always believed that the most important part of building a successful program is the experience that players have, whether that be D-1 college, high school or youth.  Westlake Football Academy has become the model that all youth programs should emulate. They believe in positive coaching, safe tackling techniques and the importance of teaching teamwork and good sportsmanship. I would encourage any parent looking for a high quality experience to play at the Academy.

- Dean Campbell, Head Coach, Hyde Park Baptist High School, career NCAA D-I coach

Westlake Football Academy offers top-notch football instruction and leagues for players in all stages of development. They seek the best coaches and resources they can find and their commitment to quality shows. I look forward to helping the Academy execute their game plan.

- Joe Austin, Head Coach, Southwestern University

I am excited to be an active member of the Westlake Football Academy advisory board. The commitment to excellence is unparalleled. The quality of instruction provides an opportunity to for all players to experience football at the highest level.

- Keith Carey, Head Coach, Reagan High School

Westlake Football Academy provides a great opportunity for athletes of all ages to develop skills on and off the field. I've been impressed with the leaps made in kids' athletic performance and development. But, the main reason why my wife and I will encourage our kids to participate in WFA is the work ethic, discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills learned at such an important time in their lives. Thanks for developing tomorrow's leaders!

- Garrett Winsett, WR Coach Southwestern University, former TCU WR

It has been a wonderful experience to work with the Westlake Football Academy.  The focus on individual skills and technical ability will help foster tremendous growth.  The combination of skill development and film review is an experience unlike any other.

- Bill Kriesel, Defensive Coordinator/DB Coach, Southwestern University

Here are some results from a recent survey of our participants:

  • 95% will recommend Westlake Football Academy to a friend

  • 89% are likely to play with us again

  • 76% were "very satisfied" with the spring 7-7 experience

  • 76% give “thumbs up” to WFA coaches for "high quality" of instruction