Fall Tackle

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will my child play with?  

Your son can form his own team - or simply register as a free agent.  Those children that want to play with the kids in their grade/school will be guaranteed to do so as long as they meet the age requirements listed below.I

Is there a weight limit?  

Teams that compete in American Youth Football, including the Academy, align players within their age group, rather than by weight.  This enables kids to stay within their own age group rather than play against older, more athletically developed players. While each kid grows differently, athletic ability, mental and physical toughness, and body control differ significantly between age groups and can create an unfair advantage, regardless of size. 

Click here for a report from a Mayo Clinic study.

Click here for an article from USA Football supporting age divisions.

Click here for results of a two year safety study conducted by Datalys Center.

What position will my son play?  

Our focus is on MAXIMUM playing time.  All players will play both Offense and Defense throughout the game.

When does the season begin?

Practice will start on August 15th.  The first game of the season is scheduled for September 12th (weekend after Labor Day)

Where will practices be held? 

Practices will be held within the EISD.

Where will the games be played?

Home games will be played at Westlake Stadium.  Away games will be played at stadiums in Lake Travis, Dripping Springs, Cedar Park and Leander ISD's.

Who will we play?

Lake Travis, Cedar Park, Vista Ridge, Leander, Rouse and Dripping Springs