7 on 7

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 7-on-7? 

7-on-7 is a non-contact sport with a heavy emphasis on pass offense/defense. In essence, 7-on-7 is like flag football without the flags.

What is the objective of 7-on-7? 

The goal of 7-on-7 is to improve the general athleticism of all players (irrespective of size, position, skill set) with an emphasis on speed, agility, body control and hand-eye coordination.

What will my child learn? 

Your child will learn advanced aspects of the game including but not limited to reading defenses, running pass routes, defensive coverage schemes.

Who will my child play with? 

Your son can form his own team or we can assign him to a team as a free agent.

How many players per team? 

Teams will consist of minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 players.

Who will be the coach?

We recommend having a parent volunteer.  If you know someone that wants to coach, have them register on the website.

What do I need to do if I want to coach?

The first thing to do is register on the website.  All 7-7 coaches will undergo a background check and complete the Academy coaching certification process.

How much time will it take?

Practices will run 45-60 minutes. Plan for two games and 2 hours on game day.